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Infinitely wide horizons, cramped interiors or small objects in large surroundings – with the ZEISS Milvus 2.8/15, all photographers can deliberately orchestrate extreme perspectives.

With an angle of view of 110°, the super-wide angle is ideal when it comes to capturing events in a way that makes them dynamic and extraordinary. A detachable lens hood and the 95 mm filter thread also make it ideal for special applications for instance when used with additional slot-in filter systems or in underwater housings. The exceptionally long focus throw offers outstanding setting accuracy for photography and film.

The technically impressive features of the ZEISS Milvus 2.8/15 include outstanding chromatic aberration and prevent color fringes caused by chromatic aberration almost without exception. Two aspheric lenses, special glass materials with exceptional partial dispersion and the floating elements design, guarantee high image quality from close-up to infinity. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

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